January 21, 2023

Accounting Outline

Five Basic Accounts

1. Assets: things you own
2. Liabilities: things you owe
3. Equity: overall net worth
4. Income: increases value
5. Expenses: decreases value

The Equation

Assets - Liabilities = Equity (aka Net Worth)  

Things you own minus things you owe equals your net worth. Consider all financial actions in the light of increasing your net worth.

Assets - Liabilities = Equity + (Income - Expenses)


Some Mutual Funds
Other Mutual Funds/Stocks/Bonds
Retirement Savings
Talent and goodwill  
*Accounts Receivable*

Capital Gains in here?


  Accounts Payable

Net Worth

The guiding light


Interest & Dividends



Debt Service  
Physical Plant / Utilities

Variable / Discretionary:


Capital Gains

Resellable assets, such as stocks, bonds, houses, or cars, can change value over time. Some assets could increase in value, some could decrease in value. Capital gains are the profits from selling an asset.

December 18, 2022

World Cup Final

Date GN Match Time (ET)
Sun, 18 Dec 64 Argentina (3,4) vs. France (3,2) 10:00 AM

World Cup 3rd Place Match

Date GN Match Time (ET)
Sat, 17 Dec 63 Croatia (2) vs. Morocco (1) 10:00 AM

World Cup Semifinals

Date GN Match Time (ET)
Tue, 13 Dec 61 Argentina (3) vs. Croatia (0) 02:00 PM
Wed, 14 Dec 62 France (2) vs. Morocco (0) 02:00 PM

World Cup Quarterfinals

Date GN Match Time (ET)
Fri, 09 Dec 58 Croatia (1,4) vs. Brazil (1,2) 10:00 AM
Fri, 09 Dec 57 Netherlands (2,3) vs. Argentina (2,4) 02:00 PM
Sat, 10 Dec 60 Morocco (1) vs. Portugal (0) 10:00 AM
Sat, 10 Dec 59 England (1) vs. France (2) 02:00 PM

World Cup Round of 16

Single-elimination round to get one team from each group.

Date GN Match Time (EST)
Sat, 03 Dec 49 Netherlands (3) vs. USA (1) 10:00 AM
Sat, 03 Dec 50 Argentina (2) vs. Australia (1) 02:00 PM
Sun, 04 Dec 52 France (3) vs. Poland (1) 10:00 AM
Sun, 04 Dec 51 England (3) vs. Senegal (0) 02:00 PM
Mon, 05 Dec 53 Japan (1,1) vs. Croatia (1,3) 10:00 AM
Mon, 05 Dec 54 Brazil (4) vs. Korea (1) 02:00 PM
Tue, 06 Dec 55 Morocco (0,3) vs. Spain (0,0) 10:00 AM
Tue, 06 Dec 56 Portugal (6) vs. Switzerland (1) 02:00 PM

World Cup Group Stage

48 matches starting Monday 21 Nov, and ending on Friday 02 Dec.

Sunday, November 20

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Qatar (0) vs. Ecuador (2) A 11:00 AM FOX, Telemundo

Monday, November 21

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
England (6) vs. Iran (2) B 8:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Senegal (0) vs. Netherlands (2) A 11:00 AM FOX, Telemundo
United States(1) vs. Wales(1) B 2:00 PM FOX, Telemundo

Tuesday, November 22

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Argentina (1) vs. Saudi Arabia (2) C 5:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Denmark (0) vs. Tunisia (0) D 8:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Mexico (0) vs. Poland (0) C 11:00 AM FOX, Telemundo
France (4) vs. Australia (1) D 2:00 PM FOX, Telemundo

Wednesday, November 23

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Morocco (0) vs. Croatia (0) F 5:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Germany (1) vs. Japan (2) E 8:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Spain (7) vs. Costa Rica (0) E 11:00 AM FOX, Telemundo
Belgium (1) vs. Canada (0) F 2:00 PM FOX, Telemundo

Thursday, November 24

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Switzerland (1) vs. Cameroon (0) G 5:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Uruguay (0) vs. South Korea (0) H 8:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Portugal (3) vs. Ghana (2) H 11:00 AM FOX, Telemundo
Brazil (2) vs. Serbia (0) G 2:00 PM FOX, Telemundo

Friday, November 25

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Wales (0) vs. Iran (2) B 5:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Qatar (1) vs. Senegal (3) A 8:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Netherlands (1) vs. Ecuador (1) A 11:00 AM FOX, Telemundo
England (0) vs. USA (0) B 2:00 PM FOX, Telemundo

Saturday, November 26

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Tunisia (0) vs. Australia (1) D 5:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Poland (2) vs. Saudi Arabia (0) C 8:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
France (2) vs. Denmark (1) D 11:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Argentina (2) vs. Mexico (0) C 2:00 PM FS1, Telemundo

Sunday, November 27

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Japan (0) vs. Costa Rica (1) E 5:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Belgium (0) vs. Morocco (2) F 8:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Croatia (4) vs. Canada (1) F 11:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Spain (1) vs. Germany (1) E 2:00 PM FS1, Telemundo

Monday, November 28

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Cameroon (3) vs. Serbia (3) G 5:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
South Korea (2) vs. Ghana (3) H 8:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Brazil (1) vs. Switzerland (0) G 11:00 AM FOX, Telemundo
Portugal (2) vs. Uruguay (0) H 2:00 PM FOX, Telemundo

Tuesday, November 29

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Netherlands (2) vs. Qatar (0) A 10:00 AM FOX, Universo
Ecuador (1) vs. Senegal (2) A 10:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Wales (0) vs. Englanad (3) B 2:00 PM FS1, Telemundo
Iran (0) vs. United States (1) B 2:00 PM FOX, Telemundo

Wednesday, November 30

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Tunisia (1) vs. France (0) D 10:00 AM FOX, Universo
Australia (1) vs. Denmark (0) D 10:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Poland (0) vs. Argentina (2) C 2:00 PM FOX, Universo
Saudi Arabia (1) vs. Mexico (2) C 2:00 PM FS1, Telemundo

Thursday, December 1

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
Croatia (0) vs. Belgium (0) F 10:00 AM FOX, Universo
Canada (1) vs. Morocco (2) F 10:00 AM FS1, Telemundo
Japan (2) vs. Spain (1) E 2:00 PM FOX, Universo
Costa Rica (2) vs. Germany (4) E 2:00 PM FS1, Telemundo

Friday, December 2

Match Group Time (ET) TV Channel
South Korea (2) vs. Portugal (1) H 10:00 AM FOX, Telemundo
Ghana (0) vs. Uruguay (2) H 10:00 AM FS1, Universo
Cameroon (1) vs. Brazil (0) G 2:00 PM FOX, Telemundo
Serbia (2) vs. Switzerland (3) G 2:00 PM FS1, Universo
November 24, 2022

Image Caption

There is talk of image captions being the title instead of the alt text, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Interstate 5
Interstate 5

November 20, 2022

Google Drive Delight

Since using Crostini 1 as primary working environment it has worked out to be better for me to host on Google Drive. After the transfer there were synching issues that looked like Google Drive having trouble handling the [folder] construct. Blot support helped me through it. The tag folders had to be removed and rebuilt, but now it works as expected.

Perhaps inline math Ax+By=CAx+By=C now works? Well, let’s see how b24ac2a works and looks. A concern expressed in dealing with KaTeX has been addressed and the rendering now looks correct. Even the sf font in a previous post looks more sf than before.


Wave Function

-from Wikipedia

  1. ChromeOS offering of Linux (Debian 11.5 at writing) to obviate Crouton.↩︎

November 7, 2022
Qatar England Argentina France 1
Equador Iran Saudi Arabia Austrailia
Senegal USA Mexico Denmark
Netherlands Wales Poland Tunisia

Spain Belgium Brazil Portugal
Costa Rica Canada Serbia Ghana
Germany Morocco Switzerland Uruguay
Japan Croatia Cameroon Korea

  1. 2018 Winner↩︎

October 29, 2022

A Mortgage Story

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

We are closing on a condo somewhere next week. Once everything is in place we will sell our current condo which should more than cover the new one. The lending bank was told this. The payments on our loan will be less than 20% of our income. The bank knows this. I provided some checking account statements to verify my income from SSA survivorship and pension from public service. The bank seemed happy.

My spouse provided some checking account statements to verify SSA survivorship benefits and quarterly deposits from her family trust fund. The bank was not happy. The bank asked for her 2021 Schedule K and it was provided, but it did not make the bank happy–the bank wanted 3 years of 1040s up to the Taxable Income line. We gave them both sides of the pages. Still, the bank was not happy. The closing date was seven business days away.

The mortgage wizard insisted on a copy of the family trust. Now we were not happy. The mortgage officer was not so happy either. I suggested that trust income was being held to a higher burden of proof than employment income–does the bank insist on an employment contract or look into the financials of the employer? No, the mortgage wizard just looks at pay stubs and deposit statements–so what’s the prejudice on trust income? Emboldened by this argument, the mortgage officer (bless her heart) drew back the curtain and found the mortgage wizard wrapped in this cloak from Fannie Mae:

Fannie Mae Trust Income Verification

After chanting Fannie Mae, twenty-oh-eight!” several times, we pointed at the word or” and provided the wizard with a secure letter from the trustee that addressed amount, frequency, and duration.

The casual reader can hear the ruby slippers clicking and imagine that the story ends, but no, we are walking in a strange land.

The mortgage underwriting wizard was still not happy, but a little nervous with this hole in his curtain. The plucky mortgage officer gathered her friends and determined that better than a broom, better than a brain, or a heart, was the courage to propose 3 years of Schedules B & D.

The mortgage wizard finally left in a balloon throwing buckets of money overboard for us to get to Kansas, well, somewhere.

Hope to see you there.